Salmon (back ordered)

Thin strips of salmon meat and skin. No byproducts! Highest quality salmon trimmings from fillets going to NYC’s finest gourmet restaurants! Chickpeas are added to help retain the healthy salmon oil while adding a balanced nutrition for your dog, and lastly, the treats are seasoned with sesame seeds and parsley! The ultimate salmon treat!


I am so excited to offer this incredible quality salmon! These treats are made from the same salmon that goes to New York’s finest restaurants! These are succulent trimmings! Some trimmings have skin, others have just the fatty undercoat and are majority meat! These are an incredible source of omega-3! Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil are THE MOST nutritious fat. Omega-3 is critical for brain health, supports cardiovascular health, and may reduce risk of cancer. I add chickpeas to this treat recipe to retain the incredibly nutritious salmon oil during the dehydration process, and meanwhile the chickpeas are one of the most well balanced vegetables. Chickpeas are a great vegetarian protein, a source of complex carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Lastly, I season the treats with parsley and sesame seeds! Parsley freshens breath and is high in vitamin C, and Sesame seeds are rich in minerals as well as natural compounds (Sesamin and Sesamolin) that support dogs health, especially the liver. These treats are human grade, so it’s ok to eat them (although you might prefer to dip them in soy sauce.) No salt added here! Just carefully dehydrated! The ultimate dog treat!

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